Admission for Nursery, Junior K.G. , Senior K.G. (C.B.S.E. board, Delhi) academic year 2024-2025 will start from August 2023 , and admission for Primary section ( Std I —X) start from Jan 2024.


The child should have completed the age as below for the admission to the respective class

  • For Nursery – 3 Years (By 30 of June every year)
  • For JR.KG.  – 4 Year  
  • For SR.KG.  – 5 Years  
  • Class I        – 6 Years and so on


Documents to be Submitted along with the Admission

  • Birth Certificate ( Original + Xerox)
  • I -Card size Photos ( 5 copies)
  • Medical Certificate
  • Original School Leaving certificate / Transfer certificate from the recognised School,for Admission to Std. 2 onward
  • Photocopy of the Progress / Report Card of the previous Schooling year.
  • Address Proof of Parents
  • Parents passport size photos 1-1


Royal International School follows a fair and transparent admission process in accordance with the rules and norms set by the Directorate of Education / CBSE. Admission is marked by a complete absence of class distinctions, discrimination of any kind or any other trivial privileges like donations. The children of all states are admitted into the Pre-School. Admission to other classes is decided by conducting relevant tests. The Principal reserves the right to assign any pupil the class for which she thinks the child is best suited.


Fee structure : We feel pleasure to inform the parents, in advance 10 year fee structure at the time of admission for 4 sections that is Pre-primary (Nursery to Sr. Kg.) , Primary ( I — IV ), Mid Secondary (V – VII) and Secondary ( VIII —X ). Accordingly parents have to pay 2 term fees, 12 month transport fees, Uniform Fees , Text book Fees , Stationary charges at the time of admission .


1) We give in advance 10 years Fee Structure to the parents at the time of taking theAdmission in our school.
2) Primary (I — IV ), Mid Secondary (V – VII) and Secondary ( VIII — X ). The Fee Structure remain same as per the commitment given by us at the time of admission.
3) Parents have to pay the fees in 2 Installments. The first installment should be paid between 15th March to 30th March and second installment to be paid in the month of September, in case parents wants to pay the fees in more than 2 Installments then additional Rs. 2000/- has to paid.
4) No PDC cheque will be accepted, only current date cheque will be accepted.
5) Cheque return charges Rs. 500/- will be collected.
6) After the due date of payment Rs. 500/- late payment charge will be collected.


1) We provide daily transport facility for child’s pick and drop. Our school busses are safe, well maintained and child friendly. Each bus is driven by a well trained driver and has the presence of Male/Female attendant to escort the child.
2) Parents are not allowed to enter into School bus . If there are any complaints or grievances or any queries they can contact Transport co-ordinator in School.
3) The Transportation charges for Academic Year are fixed for 12 months which commence from April to March.
4) The Transportation charges will be paid in 4 equal installments as per due dates.
5) Current date cheque are accepted, no PDC cheque will be accepted.
6) Cheque return charges Rs. 500/- will be collected.
7) After the due date of payments Rs. 500/- late payment charge will be collected.
8) Once the cheque returns from bank, the cheque facility should be withdrawn.
9) In case any circumstance arise, if the School bus is not able to come for pick up, the parents have to arrange for pick up and drop (in emergency).
10) We provide parents an authorization card, to authorize a person to pick up the child.
11) At the time of departure of the bus, parents are requested to ensure students alight at pre-designated drop points. In case a student needs to alight at a different point, a prior note has to be sent to HM or Transport co-ordinator.
12) In case somebody other than the parent is coming to pick up the student, a prior note has to be sent to the Transport co-ordinator.