Sr.No. Detail Size
1 Area of School Campus 4000 sq.Mtrs.
2 Built up area 3775 sq.Mtrs.
3 Area of Play Ground  1000 sq.Mtrs.
4 Mathematics Lab 23.68 x 21.16 sq Ft
5 Computer Lab 36.9 x 26.9 sq. Ft
6 Biology Lab 29.85 x 23.95 sq. Ft
7 Chemistry Lab 29.85 x 23.95 sq. Ft
8 Physics Lab 29.85 x 23.95 sq. Ft
9 Class Rooms 17 x 35 sq. Ft
10 Library 43.47 x 31.82 sq. Ft

It gives us great pleasure to introduce our institute, ROYAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL which is established IN 2010. We offer young individuals – an International education in an Indian context. Established in 2010, with only 30 students. Today we have crossed the admissions above 1100 students for the Academic year 2019-20 which itself speak the quality education that we provide.

One of the essential factors for a successful & efficient education system is the availability of an adequate and convenient infrastructure. The entire facility of Royal is planned to make it comfortable for children to attend school and make it a place for fun and learning. The School has well ventilated, spacious classrooms, dedicated area for activity like art, craft, music, dance, library, canteen, AV Room, Computer Lab, Science and Maths Lab.


Our Classrooms are fully air-conditioned , spacious , well ventilated for ensuring natural light and fresh air, Spacious windows, green marble flooring powder coated two seater / single seater grey color benches. Size of the classroom 612 sq. ft . Each classroom is equipped with latest technology — interactive boards, projectors, high speed internet, and proper project display areas for ensuring an exciting and pleasant study environment.

Teacher Ratio- 2 Teacher : 40 students. (1: 20)


Royal International School is not only an educational place but a house full of technologies, which are used in each and every field of education. Smart class is a technology oriented electronic learning that has an ability and specialty. Our classrooms are equipped with Smart TV, DVDs, Projectors and Speakers. Today’s generation is more tech savvy and smart class makes learning simple and retention higher. Through Smart Class, learning becomes interesting. Smart class is the best way to synchronize the study of content material with visuals, colors, music and movement.

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab is fully configured with latest Pentium IV PC’s with high speed Internet Connection. A trained teacher takes pleasure in imparting computer education so that they become techno savvy. All the PC’ s are connected to the Internet though firewalls to ensure that children access only child friendly websites and content.

Computers 1 : 1 students (Total 60).

Science Lab

A Science Lab ensures that children understand and appreciate the power of exploration and experimentation. The visits to the science lab are part of regular curriculum whereby teacher and students can conduct experiments to learn and validate the content. Individual practice for each student. Teachers give more importance to practical knowledge rather than theoretical.

Art & Craft

The Art Lab is a place where children can discover their creativity and a medium for their expressions. The room is equipped with every kind of Art material and has an environment conducive to include interest in learning.


The School library is equipped with books and other resource material, which match the best in variety and number. It is divided into units for juniors, seniors and teachers resource. The collection is quite spectacular- poetry, drama, fiction, non- fiction. dictionaries. encyclopedias. classics, magazines. journals. videos, CD ROMs. films and music. Special care has been taken to ensure an atmosphere that encourages students to read and have intellectual stimulation.

Music & Dance Lab

It is integrated part of school curriculum.A trained teacher guides the children through the nuanes of dance and music. the place is well furnished with keyboards,drums, harmonica,guitars and state of art music system.

Maths Lab

A maths lab is equipped with instruments like algebra kits, number kits, money kit, fractional kit, integral kit, decimal kit, clock to explain the various concepts of arithmetic. Even abacus is used to make calculations easy.


The core areas of campus are networked through secure Wi-Fi. This further connects all classes through internet to the world and opens doors to the global resources and learning.


The school has various steps and measures in place to ensure every child and adults safety while on the school premises. The school has security personnel stationed at the School Gates and at Basement entrance round the clock . There are web-cameras installed on every floor , classroom , ground and basement. The security guards verify that the individual collecting the child is authorized to do so by providing a card. Private bus drivers have to collect the children from the School premises after showing the identity cards of the children. All the visitors entering school need to fill up a “Visitors slip” that gets counter signed after meeting the concerned staff member, then has to be deposited at the gate during exit. The entire staff of Royal International School underwent a theoretical and practical training on Disaster Management. This was done so as to prepare them in the case of any untoward incident. The students follow a dispersal plan at the end of each day so as to ensure safety on the stair cases as well. There is a lady attendant for each class and each bus , a floor attendant to supervise all the operations.